App Development
for Android and iOS

Apps that work for you. Increasing revenue by over 30%

We don't just make static apps

We make apps that work for your business. Apps that drive sales and push your services to generate revenue. Our apps will be your best and most productive employee. They do not require a minimum wage, motivation, sick pay or annual leave.

What results can I expect?

With our applications a tyipical revenue increase is at 30%. We make booking and purchasing easy and use machine learning to cross-sell and up-sell the right products to the right people.

Why does it work so well?

The short answer is because we use selling psychology and AI to get the customer in to the buying zone. Once there we assist them in finding more products that they will love at the right price level and close the deal with an in-app purchase.
The most popular App Development Items


E-commerce Apps

iOS & Android application design and development.

Backend system for deatiled stats and uploading products to the application.

Push notifications that grab your customers attention.

Machine learning for up selling and cross selling.


Our e-commerce apps generate +30% revenue compared to web apps or web based sales.


Booking Apps

iOS & Android application design and development.

Making booking and getting paid for your services a simple process.

Push notifications that grab your customers attention and remind them of appointments.

In-app payments that go 100% to you.


Beauty, Dentist, Resturants, Kids play area, etc.


My Video Player

Take your collection videos from YouTube or self hosted and present them to your users.

Add adverts or charge in-app for your video content.

Build your own in-house video viewing platform.


Push notifications, in-app purchases, Android.


AVS v6

Professional Media Player for IPTV & Plex providers.

Android App and WebTV platform for your customers to view your content.

100% secure API delivery with integrated in-app payments and VPN connections.

3 product options

v6 Lite, Reseller, IPTV provider

From £145.00

AVS v4

Android App Store for Android TV device retailers.

Add custom apps to customers device for download remotely.

Featuring addintional in-app options for Kodi and IPTV plus in-app payments for premium content.

Payment options

Monthly, 6 monthly, 12 monthly

From £30.00

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