How do I find an Android Package Name?

If you're using our Android App Store app AVS v4 there will come a time when You need to find the Android Package name for an app because a lot hinges on you getting that information correct in v4. In this post I will go through 2 of the easiest ways to find out the Android Package Name for absolutely any app there is.

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Selling IPTV - My Observations

Before I start, when I say IPTV you don't have to assume "illegal streaming", there are many legitimate IPTV streaming services out there and I have worked with many of them. When I use the acronym IPTV I am broadly talking about Inernet Protocol Television, that's all. Television or Media distributed over the internet.

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AVS v4 - Android App Store

AVS v4 has been our most popular white label product for over 5 years. Essentially it's an app store that you control remotely with some other cool features like in-app purchasing and pushing app updates.

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Snapp is what?

I genuinely have a soft spot for media players. I have no idea why, they cost a fortune to create a lot of time to manage and the users hate paying for the over heads. So why do I keep on doing it? Find out about Snapp what it does and why I keep on doing it.

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Dream of owning your own VPN platform?

So many people use VPN affiliate schemes and I can see the pull. You make the sales with none of the hassle but what you are missing here is that you are doing the hard bit, getting the customers to pay! You need to realise that if you can get people to sign up for VPN services then it makes sense to keep all of that income. You can do that by owning your own VPN system and it isn't that expensive.

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XMLTV EPG data system

Since we provide all our own EPG data for Snapp and AVS v6 we thought why not use the data in it's raw form and allow absolutely anyone to use it in what ever ways they wish. So that's exactly what we did with our EPG service with one extra EPG bonus is our XMLTV data.

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