Since we provide all our own EPG data for Snapp and AVS v6 we thought why not use the data in it's raw form and allow absolutely anyone to use it in what ever ways they wish. So that's exactly what we did with our EPG service with one extra EPG bonus is our XMLTV data.

We only use 12 of the most popular EPG countries, we will be adding more as and when we get the demand for them but with having just the main 12 countries and none of the ones that nobody really uses we can offer our EPG XMLTV data at an unbeatable price. That's not all. With our data we parse every single program in the EPG and find a Program Image for the show. We add this data in to the EPG XMLTV data and 'hey presto' we have brought back the TV show preview image, something that has been missing for a number of years.

These guys just did what everyone wanted but nobody did! The image preview being back is a visual master piece.

The project took around 2 weeks to create from design through to development and testing. Our first customers found our platform really simple to use and depend upon. We have a few ideas for the future of the project such as adding more EPG countries and creating a TV guide URL from a user submitted M3U playlist but these things will come the next time we have some down time or the demand for the service calls for it.

If you want to check out all the details on the most complete and affordable XMLTV EPG data site click the link.

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