AVS v6 - The King of IPTV Middleware

Stand back while I blow my own trumpet .... AVS v6 is without a doubt the best and most secure method of distributing media content, whether that be Android apps, IPTV, Plex and even Kodi builds

V6 literally has it all, everything that an Android TV device user would want, in one place and best of all you are in total control over the content via a secure admin panel. It's the Snapp engine room with the difference of rather than being open to all users it is closed to your own system, your own content and your own users. It comes with all the usual AVS tools like in-app purchasing, Web TV player and an integrated VPN that you earn money from when you sell to your users.

V6 is a product of Snapp, it uses the same core components and the same system but has been edited to be a closed system allowing you to focus on just your core users. The project took around 9 months to develop after developing Snapp.

"Quite honestly, it's the only product I will use. Not because of all the extras but because it keeps my data private."

We have a few options when it comes to v6. You can use our app template and shared hosted if you're starting small for the lowest entry price and fastest path to market. If you're of larger size or plan on becoming larger in size and you need something custom built around the v6 API you would need to conact us using the contact form so that we can quote you a custom project.
Absolutely anything is possible development wise with v6.

Let me give you the run down of the features, brace yourself, there are quite a few!

  • Combine up to 3 IPTV m3u Playlists in to one output
  • Add up to 6 Plex servers
  • Freely organise your m3u content
  • Built in automated EPG or use your own
  • Automated IPTV sales and account creation
  • User invite
  • Ban or remove users
  • Set device access limits per user account
  • Accept in-app payments with Card (and)or PayPal
  • Edit merchant keys in the backend
  • Download users verified email addresses
  • Add resellers to v6
  • Manage resellers
  • App Store (distribute any app with your users)
  • Kodi Hub API (distribute Kodi builds with your users)
  • In App TV guide grid style
  • In play Now and Next EPG
  • Channel zapping
  • Algorithmic viewing suggestions
  • Recently watched/used profile
  • Adding favourites
  • Subtitles
  • Auto-play next TV show in series
  • Play preview of selected channel when browsing
  • Auto remsume part watched VOD
  • Predicive search feature with voice controls
  • Integrated VPN (one click connect)
  • RSS feed in-app
  • Web links in-app

I did say brace yourself! AVS v6 is the most complete and end-to-end secure media platform available for Android, nothing protects your activity as well as v6.
Since it is so complete in it's options v6 can effectively replace the standard Android launcher to become your own closed Android system.

You can check out the v6 IPTV Middleware here or contact us for more information.

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