AVS v4 - Android App Store

AVS v4 has been our most popular white label product for over 5 years. Essentially it's an app store that you control remotely with some other cool features like in-app purchasing and pushing app updates.

V4 has been used by hundreds of independent app store owners and Android retailers as a method of controlling their users Android system. Since v4 is complete with device settings options a lot of clients use AVS v4 as a custom launcher on the devices they sell. We custom brand the app to your companies style and you can add anything that you like. Let's take a look at it's latest makeover.

First of all we updated the website so that v4 has it's own page then we move on to the product. We decided to move away from a very dated Android 6 UI and go for something more akin to Apple TV. A menu across the top and the content below in a visual image tile with sub categories and other data

"We distribute premium apps and using the in-app payments via v4 allows us to generate a residual revenue that more than covers our overheads."

From the video above you can see the display is very closely matched to the Apple TV display. It's clean, simple to navigate and well laid out. That was the general idea, to create something that is not only easy on the eye but is very simple for any user type to navigate and use.
All the apps availble in the v4 app are added in the backend panel. This is a place where "you - the client" would login, check your user metrics and add your content. Again, in a very simple manner.

The idea here is you download and host all the apps you want to share. Once logged in to the v4 panel you would upload a tile image for the app and it's download path, this creates the listing inside the actual application for your users to either download it, if they haven't already or open it, if it has already been downloaded. It really couldn't be simpler.
Having the backend panel allows you the ability to change the content as often as you like without having to edit the actual application.

The v4 project has taken around 6 months to update to the new standard. We use secure API responses in this version and the backend is build on Laravel rather than HTML and CSS. It took a little longer than we expected but this is because we had a few other projects to deliver inbetween updating the v4 platform.
All in all we love the new version of v4, it's way faster, easier to use and the display is much cleaner and therefore better for your users to navigate

You can check out the v4 Android App Store here.

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