Snapp is what?

For many many years I have been in and around media player development and IPTV streaming. It kind of found me one morning back in 2011 when a leaflet selling one of the first Android 4.0 1GB MX TV boxes came through my door.

So I bought one to check it out. When it arrived it had been flashed with Linux and would boot in to XBMC, now Kodi, with a pre-loaded build installed. I was gripped by this from a Software perspective. It was good but could be better. Since there was no way of remotely updating your content, I went about developing a simple app that was capable of downloading a zip file and installing it in to the Kodi environment. Just like the wizard add-ons do now except I was the pioneer.

I was in the industry. Fast forward 10 years and we have a host products and an established software development company but yet I still tinker with media players, Snapp being my favourite baby!

"Snapp is the only media player that combines a built in VPN, multiple m3u sources and Plex media!"

Snapp took 2 years to develop at a cost of over £250,000.00, it has over 10,000 users in it's first year and has had a few updates since it's birth, both in the app and in the backend, most recently we added a Web TV player in the backend for the pro users.
The ethos of Snapp is that it is the safest way to watch your IPTV, nothing else available even comes close. Not only is there a simple one click-connect VPN system embedded in the app but it also uses a secure token to access the content. This means your IPTV steaming URLs can not be intercepted or tracked down. Which is the reason 100% of IPTV streamers get their servers blocked. We solved that problem with Snapp.

I loved solving that problem but it came at a great cost and a huge amount of work. I realised, I don't like managing apps and users, I don't have the time for it. As much as I try my best to help users with their various problems on Snapp, it just doesn't interest me. What I love is having the problem and solving it. After that I like to pass it on to someone else to run and no doubt do a better job than me at it. My passion is development, always has been and always will be.

So I now only develop verisons of Snapp for other people using the Snapp API engine and your creative app design. We develop everthing, give you server access, an app for the app store and an app for offline downloads and an API document so if you want to you can create anything you want in the future software wise by using the API responses you can do so.

Your own version of Snapp with all of the above and a frontend website to drive downloads starts at a cost of £5,000 to develop plus hosting and any design extras you need. You have server access and your API document. You can either pay us to keep developing your version in any direction you wish or you can go it alone.

Make no mistake, Snapp is the ultimate IPTV eco-system that is 100% secure. If you want your own like Snapp let me know using the contact form

You can check out Snapp IPTV & Plex Media Player here.

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