Smart Streamz

You probably already know about AVS v6, it's our secure media player for providers and device retailers. Smart Streamz is one of our clients. We have worked with this client for a number of years on various projects and we are proud to support them with software.

Smart Streamz are a provider type v6, this means they have automated IPTV sales and activation from within the app and they have a stable of resellers that all have v6 apps to distribute the content. The reseller credits system is handled inside of the v6 Admin Panel and is as always totally automated.

It's basically a human free business. The v6 system takes care of everything, my only job is promoting the brand and that's what I love to do.

Smart Streamz sees a steady increase of users every month, approximately 60 new users per month. Add that in to the resellers stats and this clearly represents what v6 can do for absolutely any provider.

What's more is that Smart Streamz have never had a server taken down or blocked and this is due to the v6 security system and how we deliver the content to the user via a secure API token.

You can download Smart Streamz here and view all the information about AVS v6 IPTV Middleware here

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