It's not often I beat the meat!

By meat I mean butchers meat! A local butchers that offers local and soon to be national delivery of fresh meat via an online sales platform in the shape of an Android App, an iOS app and the web based store.

Andy Meatman is quite a character with host of sound board phrases like "It's a WOWZER DEAL!" and "Melts in your mouth like an Andy Meatman kiss", there's no way you can't love the guy!

Andy came to me with a the problem that their Facebook activity both organic and paid wasn't converting as well as it had in the past. The ROI on advert investments was down. Rather than continuing to throw money at the problem they contacted me to offer some software advice. The answer a mobile application with push notifications.

What's better than Facebook adverts? A message that pings in the potential customers pocket every time you want them to see something, best of all they're completely free and have a 77% conversion rate. Compare that with Facebooks 10%, if you're lucky, conversion rate and we have a winner.

"We got more than we wanted but we got everything we needed. Andy Meatman"

The consultation unearthed a few other things, the current website was awful. They had overpaid a "developer" to create a WooCommerce store for them. Awful to look at, clunky to navigate and near impossible to actually place an order so a new web based store was added to the job list. We also identified a few unskilled repetative jobs that could be replaced with automation. This lost someone the role of printing of collating and preparing delivery sheets but inflation is coming and lots of jobs will be replaced by automation. It's just the future.

The brief was, increase the revenue and make ordering super simple, just like the Dominos pizza app! One that I know all too well!! So we got to work, first came the design, then the backend, then the API endpoints followed by the icing on the cake in the shape of a web based store and 2 applications. The soloution is all our own work, no WooCommerce or Shopify. We built everything from the ground up. The benefits of this are you have a store that isn't resouce hungry, so loads super fast and most of all it has it's own unique look rather than looking and operating like a million other web stores out there.

Now when an order comes in, the delivery or collection is added to its correct database for the day chosen by the customer. Each day these sheets are printed off. There is a sheet for prep, a sheet for packaging and a delivery/collection sheet for the drivers/front of shop.

The system works night and day, all year round. With no user intervention, no holiday pay or sick pay. All the data and metrics are at their finger tips and they are in total control of their system. Adding manual orders, adding/editing products, checking orders, pushing app notifications all inside their admin control panel.

I really loved being on this project. They were an amazing team to work with, when I needed something they just got on with it. Plus they're a local firm and I love working with the locals.

If you need an ecommerce system please use the contact form and leave me your details.

You can check out Andy Meatman here.

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