AMLash a WooCommerce site

Being perfectly honest, I really don't like using woocommerce. It is just the most resource hungry e-commerce system in the world. There is absolutely no reason for a lot of the options in WooCommerce and the layouts are far too rigid. I am not saying you can't make a great product with WooCommerce because you most certainly can but it most certainly isn't the best thing to work with.

Rant over! Let's not forget though that WooCommerce is free, you can buy addons if you wish but ultimately the platform is free and covers most of what any generic store would like to cover. That was thing with AMLash, the development budget wasn't huge, they had about £1500.00 to spend on an ecommerce store. Compare that with your average priced bespoke store at £5k and you are kind of only looking at WooCommerce as the only viable option. Shopify would have done but I just don't think you should be paying monthly or per sale for an e-commerce platform. It just seems to be anti-business in my opinion.

Thanks to AVS for our webstore. It's pink, it's pretty and it sells our products like hot cakes!

So Woocommerce it was. We got work on the website and delivered the complete live product with all the payment integrations in just over one week. The finished product is here AMLash Supplies

If you would like a WooCommerce web store please contact us

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