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We develop from the ground up, we don't use templates because one size never fits all . This allows us to automate your repetative tasks, create a unique store and allows you to scale your business without additional costs or additional work.

App Store Exposure

We create native iOS Apps and Android Apps of your store. You gain huge exposure to millions of potential customers on the app stores and the ability to communicate with your them via in-app messaging.


We will automate all your repetative administrative tasks when processing orders using software. No mattter how unique they are to your businsess. Leaving you to focus on what you do best, selling great products.

You stay in control from a secure admin panel.

Process your orders, edit the site and manage your online products quickly and easily.

Reporting & Analysis

Detailed sales metrics that give you a factual insight in to your sales.

Process Orders

All orders come to the panel in one place for simple and fast processing.

Push in-app notification alerts to your customers.

Connect with your customers directly in their pocket with unlimited push notifications.

Social media advertising can be too complex and expensive before it becomes effective which is why alternatives such as in-app push notifications are becoming the go to tool for Ecommerce. It's simple and engages with every single one of your loyal customers with new and exciting offers directly and instantly on their mobile device.

Scale your business without additional fees.

More custom does not equal more overheads with our stores.

Dedicated Server

Your software is arranged and hosted for you on a private dedicated server.


No limits or extra fees placed on sales processed through your platform.

Package Features

Custom built means everything you need and none of what you don't.
With no hidden monthly fees or transaction fees.

Ecommerce Website

Built with Laravel, not Wordpress. Making it more secure, reliable and faster.

Admin Panel

Secure login and control over store items, sales and analyitical sales data.

App Store Apps

Android and iOS apps. Submitted to the app stores both with unlimited in-app push notifications.

Payment options

Allow your customers to pay by card, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay online and in the applications.

Automated Admin Tasks

Repetative Admin tasks converted in to automated software processes saving you time and money.

Technical Support

Full guided tutorial and user guides of your software with always online technical support.

Case Study

We recently worked with an online butcher.

% Sales Increase


% Cost/Sale Decrease


% New Customer Increase


% Returning Customer Increase


Online Butcher Store

  • Date : 20 March, 2022
  • Category : ERP Software, Web Store, Admin Panel, iOS App, Android App
  • Client : Andy Meatman

Project Brief:

A local butcher that delivers fresh meat within a fixed range of postcodes had two significant issues. Firstly they had outgrown their current WooCommerce store and secondly they just weren't getting the same 'bang for their buck' on Facebook Adverts since changes to the Facebook Ads algorithm.

The old WordPress and WooCommerce website had served a purpose for a few years but it was very clunky, hard to navigate, hard to manage, and worst of all, hard to order from. It sent out a far from professional image of the business and came with 4 hours of manual admin work per day organising the orders for the next days delivery. Mobile browsing was near impossible which created many cart abandonment's, today's market needs a strong mobile platform given that the vast majority of customers are using mobile devices.

The brief was a new website that worked great on desktop and mobile. It had to be easy and fast to order from. It had to be easy to manage and if possible remove the 4 hours admin work per day. Finally two native applications for iOS and Android, on the app stores, that allowed notifications and navigated like the Domino's pizza app.

The Website

Built with Laravel for super fast loading, reliability and security. Simple navigation to all items with strong SEO for to all product items. Fast purchasing, up-sells based on previous customer similar orders and login area for instant repeat orders.

Admin Panel

Simple adding of Products including all legal data for meat products, products added are instantly added over-the-air to the website and apps. Automated delivery sheet and meat cutting sheet removing all admin tasks. Create custom web & app offers. Edit the Web Store welcome banner. Push app notifications to all app users. Clear and detailed statistics on sales, popular products, popular locations and where the customers purchased from (App or Web).

Mobile Apps

As requested, based on the Dominos Pizza app. Clean UI with simple navigation to all products. The same upsell engine and members area as the website. With in-app notifications and submitted both to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for maximum exposure.

  • In-app notifications
  • Simple & Fast Naviagtion
  • Fast purchases with PayPal and Card
  • App Store Exposure
  • Free download below (UK only)

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